Polymerization Chemistry Lab, Kyoto University

Assistant Professor Shunichiro Ito has been selected as a 2021 Outstanding Reviewer by the Royal Society of Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers!

Dr. Shunichiro ITO has been recognized as an RSC Outstanding Reviewer 2021 for Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers.

We recognize the vital role of peer review in preserving quality and integrity in chemical science literature. Thank you to each and every one of our peer reviewers working tirelessly to ensure that the scientific record is accurate and getting great science into the world.

Every year we highlight our outstanding peer reviewers. Based on the number, timeliness and quality of reports completed over that year, each receives a certificate in recognition of their contribution. Explore the recent achievements of Royal Society of Chemistry peer reviewers – a community from over 130 countries across the world.

The Royal Chemical Society, UK

英国王立化学会(RSC)の Outstanding Reviewer は、その1年reviewer(論文査読者)として多大な貢献を果たした研究者で、査読の数、迅速性、質に基づいてジャーナルごとに選出されます。2021年、Inorganic Chemistry Frontier誌では8名の研究者が選出されています。